Five Amazing Builders App Features Every Handyman Should Know

Five Amazing Builders App Features Every Handyman Should Know

Published on: 17-12-2014 | by Misty in App for Handyman, Builders App, digital forms, enterprise mobility, Handyman App, Handyman Apps, Handyman Software, mobile forms, paperless

We all know about the amazing capabilities of Builders App, from the reviews made by the satisfied users worldwide. While these reviews are definitely appreciative of the abilities of this wonderful new app, there are still some features that remain undiscovered but are just there simply because the clients’ workflows don’t require them yet.

So What Are These Features?

This Handyman Software was designed to be a robust business solution. While its strongest point is and always will be the paperless solutions that help to make existing work processes more efficient, the app also has other features towards full enterprise mobility that are worth mentioning and should be taken advantage of.

These are the 5 features of Builders App that every Handyman should know and use:

  1. Voice Recording
    With the software, you can record data on the field by using its Voice Recorder. This is very useful when you’re trying to get feedback from a customer and there are no mobile forms for user feedback yet. You can also use voice recording to take notes conveniently during meetings.

  2. Compulsory Fields
    To avoid instances where important data is not filled out, you can simply use the App for Handyman to make a field compulsory. With the field marked as required, the user will not be able to submit the information back to headquarters without filling out that field first.

  3. Barcode Reader
    While your business does not sell items, you can still use barcodes to keep inventory. For instance, you can use your mobile devices and the Handyman App to scan barcodes of items in your inventory like your tools. This will help make your inventory processes more digital, and more efficient. With the Barcode Reader, you can make sure that you are always up to date on your supply of specific tools.

  4. Data Lookup
    This is a good complement to the Barcode Reader feature. Whenever you scan a barcode, you can command the app to lookup the database and see if there is existing data for that barcode and use it to fill up the data in the digital forms. This will save you further time and effort.

  5. Sequential number feature
    Now you can assign a unique number or ID to your clients with the help of Handyman Apps. The app comes with a sequential number generator that can be useful not only for client IDs in the database but also for service invoices, feedback forms, and paperless reports.

That is Only the Tip of the Iceberg

As we have mentioned earlier, the app is a very robust solution that features up more than 40 features and capabilities. Being able to leverage most, if not all, of these capabilities will definitely work to your favor as a businessman.

You can learn more about the features of Builders App by taking a video tour of the app’s capabilities. Take our tour now!

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