Formitize Releases Handyman App for Businesses Worldwide

Formitize Releases Handyman App for Businesses Worldwide

Published on: 19-11-2014 | by Misty in Handyman App, Handyman Software, Apps for Handyman, Handyman Apps, paperless, digital forms

SYDNEY, Australia November 2014 – Formitize is pleased to announce the launch of Handyman App – the company’s answer to the reporting and management needs of handyman companies around the world. This move brings this highly successful app to Australia’s handyman community. Now handyman businesses can enjoy the great benefits from their procurement of the app for their business.

Reasons to Invest in Handyman App

The Handyman Software represents a good investment opportunity both for established and start up handyman companies. Subscribing to the services and the capabilities of the app will help handyman businesses realize these benefits:

1. Instant reports
With the paperless system of the app, handymen on the field can now update their work status in real time to record their progress. When a report needs to be updated, the handyman can make the necessary revisions easily and on time.

2. Improved invoicing process
One of the nightmares that every handyman business, in fact, any business in general, encounters is the invoicing process. However, thanks to the real-time and comprehensive reporting capabilities of the Apps for Handyman, compiling invoices to calculate how much a specific client needs to pay for services rendered by the handyman is easy. In fact, proprietors can expect their invoicing processes to speed up by at least 40% with the app’s system implemented.

3. Reduced operational expenses
With Handyman App, entrepreneurs managing a handyman business will also see reductions in their monthly operational expenses. For one, the staff can get rid of, or at least reduce, their use of paper. This translates to roughly 20% savings on the company’s monthly operational expenses.

Convenient and Remote Management

Formitize CEO Matt Burge says, “Handyman App can improve productivity in all areas of your business. The Management Portal that comes with the Handyman Apps can help you achieve 100% remote monitoring. The Portal and the app’s digital forms make the reporting process highly transparent, more accurate, and convenient because all the information that you will require can be accessed with a mouse click and a glance.”

You can brush up on the situation in the field by taking only a few moments to look at the information in the Portal. That means instant access to real-time information all the time, wherever you may be. The opportunity to invest in this highly successful app is open to all handyman businesses worldwide.

To find out more about how Handyman App can have a transformative effect, take the tour today!

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