Handyman Software Merges Easily with Existing Database Systems

Handyman Software Merges Easily with Existing Database Systems

Published on: 05-11-2014 | by Misty in App for Handyman, Builders App, enterprise mobility, Handyman Apps, Handyman Software, paperless

By now, you’ve already heard about Handyman Software and how it has succeeded in getting handyman businesses all over the world their much-needed help in refining their existing workflows to be more efficient. With the Software in their arsenal, these businesses have seen that they can actually do more than what they have been restricted to due to existing technology in the past decades.

It is without doubt that you, too, should have already invested in this and should have enjoyed the enterprise mobility that this program has made possible for other businesses. You may be thinking that you don’t need to do that because you already have a system in place. Well, you would be amazed to know that the App for Handyman is actually designed to augment any existing system instead of totally replacing it.

Are You Already Using a Computerized System for Record-Keeping?

Most companies would have already used a computer-based system for keeping records, as the personal computer has totally transformed the way people do things since the early 1990s. However, without the Handyman Apps, this existing system is actually very inefficient and not always friendly for searching. One thing that they cannot do, for instance, is to download and manage data from the field in real time because there simply is no waypoint in the field for which the data is received in such a manner.

By simply purchasing a set of mobile devices and then investing in the Builders App, you are all set to not only make use of your existing system but also to augment its capabilities with the means to receive information in real time from the field. Now, you can simply fill up pre-assigned forms and submit back to your management portal via your mobile device. By accessing the Web-based Management Portal using a desktop or laptop, you can then export the data that you had submitted earlier, generate paperless reports, if needed, and file it away for later use.

Here’s the best thing yet. Whatever the business platform that you are currently implementing in your handyman business, you will be delighted to know that data from the App for Handyman companies can be exported for use with more than 200 third-party software solutions.

Now you see that you don’t necessarily replace your existing systems when you invest in the app. You are simply improving and adding to it, because this is a very flexible software solution.

There’s More to the App than Meets the Eye

Besides being easy to integrate into any system you are using, the software has a plethora of other features that you will certainly find beneficial to your handyman business. If you wish to learn more about Handyman Software, kindly visit our website or contact us directly for a presentation. Take our tour now!

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