How to Maximize the Automation Features of Plumbers App

How to Maximize the Automation Features of Plumbers App

Published on: 03-12-2014 | by Misty in App for Handyman, Builders App, Handyman, Handyman Apps, Handyman Software, mobile forms, mobile workforce, paperless, Plumbers App

We all know why Plumbers App has become a hit worldwide. It is because it is able to transform a company into one well-oiled and highly efficient work machine. But how does it do that? Well, automation plays one part of that role aside from the highly publicized paperless reporting and inventory capabilities of the app.

Why Automate Processes?

It is inherent in us humans that we would be apprehensive about letting a machine do things that we could do on our own. However, we have to admit that machines, as well as programs such as the App for Handyman, can do some tasks better than we can. For example, they can ‘remember’ multiple tasks and schedules – a capability which says that we are better off using the app to automate certain processes within handyman companies.

Where the App Can Help

Here are a few places inside your handyman company’s work process that this Handyman Software can help you out with:

  1. Workflow notification
    In the old days, one person down the chain would have to contact the person above him through a message or an email when he is done with his part. When a new job order is received, you can receive a notification when this job order has been assigned to you through mobile forms. Your queue will then be updated while you continue working on your current client’s job order.

  2. Report scheduling
    Is your company very particular about report submission and deadlines? You as a one-man mobile workforce doesn’t have to be stressed out about report schedules with the Handyman Apps because you can simply schedule reports to be sent out at specific times of the day. You will also benefit when undertaking the management side of your plumbing business because you can simply create a report for your clients, queue it for submission and then move on to another report for the next client.

  3. Job Queuing
    Another aspect of the handyman’s job processes that should be automated, at least to a certain degree, is job queuing. Fortunately, the app makes it possible for you, through the Management Portal, to pre-create forms and pre-assign them to your queue of tasks. This way, you can set up your client appointments for the day and know exactly where to go after each successful task.

We all know how difficult coordination and reporting can be for an adequately sized company, but these capabilities of the Builders App can definitely help in lightening the load for both you and the people back in your office by providing means for automating certain work processes. This definitely makes the app worth investing for entrepreneurs like you.

The app does more than just automate tasks in order to achieve full efficiency and improved productivity for any handyman company.

To find out more, simply visit Handyman where the full capability and a comprehensive list of features of Plumbers App are listed. Take our tour today!

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