Six Things That the App for Handyman Management Portal Can Do for You

Six Things That the App for Handyman Management Portal Can Do for You

Published on: 12-11-2014 | by Misty in App for Handyman, digital forms, Handyman App, Handyman Software, mobile forms, paperless, smart forms

We all have heard about App for Handyman and how it has changed the game for handymen/entrepreneurs not only in Australia, but also around the world. Of course, that is possible because of the numerous excellent features that the app possesses. One of these features is the Management Portal that comes with the Handyman App.

What is the Management Portal?

The Portal constitutes the Administrative side of the processes for the Handyman Software. Only people who have administrative rights can access the portal, while people who are in the field cannot by default. Thus, the portal can be used for many management functions, most of which were not possible at all because of limitations in existing technology in the past.

What Are These New Functions?

The Management Portal for the App for Handyman is capable of these features:

  1. Real time mapping
    The Dashboard comes with a Map, and it is through this Map that you can browse information about the status of your tasks. Whenever you submit a report, your tasks and status are then updated on the map. Each report includes information like location, task accomplished, and many others.

  2. Job dispatcher
    It is now easy for you to accomplish jobs. All you need to do is create mobile forms, fill them out and update them, and then generate paperless reports. When you already have finalized your digital forms, the entire process will take only at most five to ten minutes of your time.

  3. Form creator and editor
    The Portal also acts as the creator and editor for new and existing smart forms that you can use, even in the field. As long as you got the prerequisite access rights to the Management Portal, you can edit and create forms from either your mobile device or your computer.

  4. Resources E-Library
    With the Portal, you can have various Resources available for you that you can use in any mobile devices. All you need to do is to upload those important documents to the Resources E-Library.

  5. Photo Management
    The Dashboard includes a Photo Stream that updates itself in real-time whenever you upload new photos together with your mobile forms.

  6. Instant report tool
    The Portal will be your tool to use in creating online reports to be submitted to the clients. Here, you can create CSV reports and templates based on the data collected using the Handyman App.

With the Management Portal on your side, tasks management becomes many times easier than before. The capabilities of the Management Portal are there for you to enjoy. Don’t get left behind now. Make sure to take our tour to learn about App for Handyman, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions. Take our tour today!

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