Three Things the Tradies App Can Provide Every Handyman

Three Things the Tradies App Can Provide Every Handyman

Published on: 10-12-2014 | by Misty in Builders App, digital forms, Handyman App, Handyman Apps, mobile forms, paperless, Tradies App

No matter where they may be in the globe, tradesmen and handymen require certain things in the field that will help them do their jobs right. Of course, when you have Tradies App implemented in your handyman company, then you be sure that what you need is always at the tip of your fingers.

What Field Requirements Does the App Provide?

There are only three requirements that you would need to have at hand in order to be able to do your jobs right. These three requirements are:

  1. Checklists
    Checklists are very important especially in making sure that you have the right tools and equipment onsite. The Handyman App allows you to create mobile forms that would also double as checklists, and you can put in the lists that your personnel would have to accomplish first before getting into a task. These digital forms can also be sent home as paperless reports to signify that you have all that you need and are ready to begin working.

  2. Building plans and other resources
    As a handyman, of course, you would need to refer to building plans and other details in order to do your job right. In the old days, paperwork would do the trick, but it’s also very expensive to maintain and very cumbersome. It also consumes time for you to flip through papers and find the plans that you need. With the Handyman Apps, however, all you need to do is just download those resources from the Builders App’s Resources e-Library.

  3. Timely feedback
    As a handyman, you may be the best in the world, but you are still prone to making mistakes. It sure would be nice if there was a way that you could get feedback from your clients using a checklist, for instance. Fortunately, the apps allow you to use mobile forms to create checklists for customer feedback in real time. When you complete the paperless checklists, you can review them right away to determine if there is something to be changed in your process. You can then generate a report together with your feedback, and you can work on those as quickly as possible. This saves you headaches and problems in the future.

A Well Equipped Handyman is a Happy One

With these three things assured, you can work better and be more productive with your tasks. Without the stress associated with the lack of the abovementioned three concerns, you can be not only productive but also happy.

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