Why Apps for Handyman are Getting Popular by the Minute

Why Apps for Handyman are Getting Popular by the Minute

Published on: 26-11-2014 | by Misty in App for Handyman, Apps for Handyman, digital forms, enterprise mobility, Handyman App, Handyman Software, mobile forms, mobile workforce, paperless, smart forms

The Apps for Handyman are so popular that many tradesmen all over Australia, and even the world, are racing to invest in these great new software. They certainly have good reason to do so. For both the budding entrepreneur and the already-popular handyman, this enterprise mobility solution has many good things to offer.

The App at a Glance

Let us describe the Handyman App in a few words. At its heart, it is a paperless solution that aims to revolutionize the work processes of any business that decides to introduce its capabilities to its organization. For instance, a handyman company can now implement reporting processes that make use of the digital forms that you get to use when you install the App. This type of capability will open the doors to many benefits and advantages that you definitely should be enjoying now as a handyman manager.

What are these Advantages?

The following are the advantages that you can enjoy with your investment in the Handyman Software:

  1. Customizable forms
    All of the smart forms are customizable. Because they are not generic, they can be designed to fit your needs. We will take any sample paperwork that you may have, and convert it to a form that you can have your mobile workforce use. All the data that you require to be filled out in paperwork are there in the form; the only difference is that you are using a mobile device instead of paper.

  2. In-form data
    You can now save time filing a report because you can auto-fill your mobile forms with data from the server. That is something you cannot do with the traditional paperwork and, thus, you can save more time all in all for reporting. With this advantage, you can service a client and move on to another client in the manner of a pollinating bee from flower to flower.

  3. Conditional logic
    Because the forms are customizable, you can set up contact points in which conditional logic can be applied. This App for Handyman can be made to open up a specific form in response to the user’s input. You can even set up user feedback forms, for example. Sky’s totally the limit in this case.

  4. Web-based Dashboard
    This feature will give you a capability that you probably have not thought possible before – accurate and real-time remote monitoring. By simply going over the information available in the Management Portal’s Dashboard, you can have a clear picture of what is going on with your tasks in the field.

You can enjoy all these and even more when you have invested in the Apps.

Discover how Apps for Handyman can revolutionize your workflow. Take our tour now!

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