Wonders You Can Enjoy When You Invest in Handyman Apps

Wonders You Can Enjoy When You Invest in Handyman Apps

Published on: 19-11-2014 | by Misty in Handyman Apps, Handyman Software, Handyman App, App for Handyman, Enterprise mobility, Tradies App, Handyman Apps

The Handyman Apps are becoming really popular amongst professional handymen around the world. This great software, after all, has given tradesmen and handymen everywhere an edge over their competition in terms of the more improved workflows and the boosted productivity that the app has given them.

If you have not heard about HandymanApp.com, well, this is your lucky day. This article will show most, if not all, of the things that you need to learn about why this little piece of software has become dear to the hearts of handymen worldwide.

Witness Your Business Transform into Its New Form

When you subscribe to the features and capabilities of the Handyman Software, you will literally see your business transform itself into a totally new and more efficient entity. We are not talking about re-branding here; what we’re talking about is how efficient and how speedy the Handyman App is.

For instance, the seamless two-way communication between you and headquarters has now been made possible by the software. There’s no need for field radios now to get up to date reports, because everything you need to know and keep current about your tasks and status are in the Web-based Dashboard. This is actually management and monitoring at a glance – something that was totally impossible decades ago before stuff around us became digital.

Another addition to your new-found management capabilities – you can have your headquarters staff assign new tasks to you on the fly even when you’re on the field! You can, of course, do that even with the technology that was available to you before but the monitoring has never been better with the App for Handyman companies. To add a new task to your queue, you can simply assign a form to your username and it will appear on the Dashboard and your to-do list. This means that, no matter how many tasks gets thrown your way, you can account for all those and gauge your own productivity for the day.

Taking pictures is important for documentation. Because the app is made for mobile phones, you can take photos of the project that you are working for additional documentation. Not only that, the app also has a Tagging capability so that the folks assigned to organize and collate data can find those pictures when a relevant report is being made up.

Enterprise Mobility at its Best

Enterprise mobility has been a dream in the past. Now, you can be mobile with your handyman biz, and automate your work processes totally flexible to adapt to any sudden circumstances, like a new client being added to your list at the middle of the day. All of this is possible because of the Tradies App!

Take our tour to find out more about the capabilities of Handyman Apps and how they can help your business.

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